The cleansing mixture

The cleansing mixture is not a drug as such as it does not cure any diseases by itself. What it does is, firstly, prevents them, and secondly, generates conditions for the immune system so it can cure the existing illnesses itself. How is this possible? Well, as commonly known the cause of all diseases are toxins, above all, those which invade the organism via the alimentary canal through the intestinal leakages – erosions, i.e. micro-lesions of intestinal epithelium invisible to the naked eye, visible only under a microscope during histopathological examination. And this is the foremost task of the cleansing mixture – systematic erasing of the intestinal erosions.

In the process of recovering, and prophylactically, the organism needs lots of vitamins and mineral salts. However, also with the sufficient supply in food common shortages of these nutrients occur. The reason for that is the absorption blockage and the main cause for this are residual deposits of the pathological mucus remaining in the alimentary canal. And this is the second task of the cleansing mixture – systematic cleansing of the alimentary canal.

Basically, this is all we expect from the cleansing mixture. We should leave everything else up to the one who being equipped with the knowledge gathered during millions of years of evolution in genetic code comprised in DNA, knows the best: our own body.

The cleansing mixture is made from three ingredients: absorption blocker (oil), erosions eraser (alocit – an aqueous solution with aloe juice or grapefruit seed extract), and residual deposits solvent (lemon juice). Each ingredient has a specific task to fulfill:

  1. Oil easily joins with the mucus that covers the mucous membrane, so it blocks the absorption of the other two ingredients from the upper parts of the alimentary canal, until 30 minutes when they reach the large intestine.
  2. Oil does not associate with water so it does not cover the watery erosions but exposes them to the healing effect of alocit.
  3. Alocit is an aqueous solution of one of two agents known for their uncommon healing properties – aloe juice or grapefruit seed extract, so it serves here to heal the erosions that exist in the mucous membrane of the alimentary canal and prevents new ones being formed.
  4. Lemon juice demonstrates perfect dissolving properties, therefore its task is to dissolve pathological mucus which covers the wall of the small intestine, fecal stones in the large intestine and residues in the bile and pancreatic duct.

In the evening, pour the three ingredients into a dark glass, porcelain or clay vessel in any order:

10 ml of oil + 10 ml of alocit + 10 ml of lemon juice

Cover it and leave at room temperature, e.g. on the windowsill or by the bed for your convenience. Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. Do not eat or drink after that for at least 30 minutes and even better an hour - maybe longer of course.


  1. The cleansing mixture is not a drug as such and it does not interfere with any drugs – chemical or natural.
  2. If we take any drugs prescribed on an empty stomach, we should take it 30 minutes after drinking the cleansing mixture. Thyroid hormones should be taken 2 hours after drinking the cleansing mixture.
  3. Due to limited liver efficiency in discharging toxins which are released during body self-cleanse processes, the cleansing mixture should not be taken simultaneously with any other cleanse methods, so the effects will not superimpose on each other. In other words: the organism should not be hastened in recovering.
  4. In order to avoid too intensive body reaction in the beginning, it is better to start the treatment from ¼ of the recommended dose. Then, after 1-2 weeks (if some intense reactions occur we should wait longer, until they subside) we can increase to ½ of full dose. Then, applying the same precautions, we can increase to ¾ of full dose. Only when that dosage does not evoke too intensive reactions (or after they pass), we can apply full dose.
  5. In the beginning of the treatment, when it is still possible intensive reactions to occur, we measure ingredients of the cleansing mixture meticulously, i.e. 2,5; 5; 7,5 and 10 ml. Later on when we take the cleansing mixture prophylactically only, we can measure the ingredients in approximation (“at a guess”).
  6. We should not stir the cleansing mixture. Not because it vitiates anything, but there is just no such need.
  7. Ingredients of the cleansing mixture should be kept in a cool place or in a fridge.

We use one of three oils in the cleansing mixture:

Olive oil: in the first 3-month stage taken by individuals suffering from the stomach and/or duodenal diseases, hyperacidity or cholelithiasis. Individuals free from these diseases skip this stage.

Corn oil: in the second 3-month stage taken by individuals who have completed stage one and suffer from the pancreatic and/or liver diseases and/or high cholesterol. Individuals free from these diseases skip this stage.

Grape seed oil: is for individuals who have completed or skipped the two previous stages and suffer no upper alimentary canal disorders.


  1. As you know, the purpose of the cleansing mixture is to heal and cleanse the alimentary canal – no more. Therefore the type of oil should be adjusted individually following only the observed symptoms from the alimentary canal, keeping in mind the rule that we treat it step by step: from the upper to the lower parts. Whereas all the remaining distressing ailments subside successively as the elicitation of caulking of intestinal erosions and restoring of absorption processes in alimentary canal proceeds.
  2. The 3-month period of the particular stages is stated indicatively, although in individual cases it may be prolonged or shortened.
  3. If we observe that we do not suffer any distress from any of the aforementioned parts of alimentary canal or that it does not require a full 3-month stage of treatment – we should move to the next stage. However, if it has turned out to be a mistake because we moved too hastily, then we can move back to the preceding stage and associated type of oil anytime, and wait until all ailments disappear completely.
  4. We should buy oils in bottles made of glass only, or – in respect of corn oil - canned (this may vary depending on your location).
  5. Olive oil stored in a fridge coagulates, thus it is better to be kept elsewhere in a less cool (but still cool) place. In case we cannot store it elsewhere, ultimately it can be kept in a fridge too.

The word “Alocit” was drafted out of two words on purpose of the cleansing mixture: “aloe” and “Citrosept”, so it clearly indicates one of its ingredients. Alocit cannot be purchased - it has to be homemade. In the frames below two recipes are put: with aloe juice and with the grapefruit seed extract (Citrosept).

Alocit made of aloe juice: solve aloe juice with water at 1:1 ratio, i.e. pour into 0,5 liter dark glass bottle ¼ liter of aloe juice and ¼ liter of water. Water should be boiled and chilled to room temperature beforehand.

Alocit made of grapefruit seed extract: fill 0,5 liter dark glass bottle with water and add 35 drops of Citrosept. Water should be boiled and chilled to room temperature beforehand.

After six months of taking the aloe juice variant in the beginning, you should swap the healing agent every 3 months (to Citrosept and back). These changes are reasoned with the fact that, after some time, our body habituates to every healing agent and ceases to react. Theoretically, one healing agent could be used with breaks, but this is not good solution as our environment is being polluted constantly, so even short pause in prophylactic may cause irreparable loss in health.


  1. I recommend Citrosept grapefruit seed extract only because I have tested it versatilely. Nevertheless there is nothing to prevent you from using different agents of this extract.
  2. Aloe juice should be solved with water because – as the practice shows – initially, if unsolved it works too intensively, whereas later on the organism immunizes to it and the solution stops to work completely after two months of taking.
  3. Aloe gel is rather inappropriate to be mixed in Alocit. Aloe gel is an aloe juice inspissated by adding fiber into it, e.g. aloe pulp or pectin that is just the apple marc, i.e. nothing more but the juice squeeze leftovers in fact.

Lemon should be peeled thinly off the yellow layer and squeezed. Leftover can be used in Fiber Cocktail.

Lemon juice constitutes about 10 ml of juice, i.e. the amount of juice which we can squeeze out of a half of small, ⅓ of medium or ¼ of large lemon.

Individuals allergic to citrus fruits, in the beginning of the treatment should not add lemon juice to the cleansing mixture at all. Only after 3 months you can add one drop and, if this amount does not evoke any allergic reaction, add two drops after one week, and so on – until you reach full amount of lemon juice.

The pregnant and breast-feeding should continue with taking the cleansing mixture for the good of their own, and for the babies’ as well. I often meet with some anxiety which is a result of pregnant and breast-feeding cautions listed on the aloe juice label. Misunderstanding comes from differences in dosage – in our method we do not take big doses which are recommended in aloe treatment and could influence the organism’s functionality. In other words: the cleansing mixture has nothing to do with aloe treatment.

I have found out that the best way to reach one’s mind is through a following comparison: the difference between aloe treatment (50 ml at once) and using aloe juice in the cleansing mixture (5 ml) is like between drinking 500 ml (half a liter) vodka at once and mixing 50 ml of that vodka in a long-drink.

After the 6th month of pregnancy and while breast-feeding the cleansing mixture treatment should not be initiated due to harsh body reaction possibility.

Children dose is smaller than the dose recommended to adults. In such cases the dosage is dependent on body weight and should amount: ¼ up to 20 kg, ½ up to 40 kg and ¾ up to 60 kg.

One of the basic qualities inherited at home should be respecting our own health and the custom of looking after this most precious value, because as we all know, as the twig is bent, so grows the tree – and its offspring. In this way strive healthy generations in respect for their own health, or generations of patients that do not value their health at all and give it up on the hands of ignoramuses – diseases specialists.

How to deal with a child who does not like the cleansing mixture, so it will not dink it? Initially, every morning we serve the child its favorite beverage saying that this is some “healthy little drink”, and when the child gets accustomed to its every-morning habit, we add just a little of the cleansing mixture to it. A little bit more in a while, and so forth. The child will not even realize that it drinks the proper cleansing mixture, which it disliked that much before.

I often hear the question, what is the best age to start to serve the cleansing mixture to children. The answer is simple: the soonest possible. However, it does not mean anything and everyone would rather hear a more comprehensive answer. The problem is that it is hard to describe the right age – one child is different from the other. Nevertheless, I have worked through a few cases when parents served the cleansing mixture to three- or even two-month infants. Successfully, needless to say.

Children’s alimentary canal is significantly shorter than adult’s one, so the cleansing mixture with grape seed oil can be applied just from the beginning of the treatment.

Medicine taught us that recovering means to fight symptoms, which effects in quick mood upswing, regardless of long-run consequences of blocking the cleanse of toxins. The wise know that eradication of toxic deposits which have amassed over years in every corner of our body requires time and patience, but the impatient ones ask: When will the recovery finally come true…?

This is not a correctly formulated question as it is founded upon medical understanding of health, which is based on medical treatment. And what we care about here is health itself, i.e. without medicine.

When our intestines are leaky, we add another portion of toxins to our body with every other meal, exposing ourselves to consequences of such status quo. The idea behind the cleansing mixture is to reverse this pathological process, so when intestines are caulked begins the eradication of toxic deposits, which often have gathered there over decades. This process will continue, until we reach full recovery. Having this in mind, we should understand that it is more important that the process itself happens, than how long it will last!

Medical propaganda tells the society that disease is a statistic surprise which happens to unlucky fellows and its occurrence is caused by some fictional factors: pathogens, civilization progress, genetic predispositions, drug deficiency in the body, lack of periodical examination. We are just intended to credulously accept the fact that we cannot control our health by ourselves and thus we shall trust the medicine – to undergo periodical examination in order to detect illnesses. Afterwards come the diagnosis and drugs to block the symptoms, the subsiding of which is to be equal to recovering, i.e. end of treatment. And this is it; there is no need to look after health anymore; medicine has done the job.

The cleansing mixture is for those who think that the medical approach is “awkward” (least to say). The reason prompts us, that it is better to back health, because only good health guarantees avoiding diseases and life till late days in great mental and physical condition. But taking care of health is not a temporary treatment applicable during illness, as health is the most precious gift which we should take care of throughout our lifetime. It is not worth it to live under a delusion, that we become resistant to diseases after recovering. The clear inference is that the cleansing mixture should be taken uninterruptedly – from the early childhood until the end of life.

Many will cudgel their brain, why implementing the cleansing mixture elicited lowered immunity, because hitherto they had not suffered flue, whereas now it knocked them down. Well, it is necessary to know, that the body uses germs in self-cleanse processes – bacteria to utilize toxic deposits and viruses to mark and eradicate damaged cells, which not only are useless, but, still worse, are the loot for parasites, the fungus Candida albicans mainly. Moreover, defective cells with damaged DNA code are potential neoplasm outbreaks. Hence, the organism very frequently allows infecting the damaged cells by viruses so they can be destructed. This is the best – if not only – method of protection against real diseases, because the so-called infectious diseases are not real diseases at all, but evidence on proper functionality of our immune system towards our body as the integrity.

Weak immune system cannot afford such a thorough body renovation like getting rid of an infectious disease, i.e. with use of the aggressive germs, but behaves conservatively, allowing only infecting toxic deposits and defective cells with mild parasites. The inference which comes obvious is that infectious diseases need to be properly “bedridden” and be all the better for it. Therefore senseless here is the question: whether it is an infectious disease or an effect of cleanse, because it is all the same. And one more information: symptoms (fever, catarrh, cough) prove proper functionality of immune system. What to do then? – Primum non nocere! – Above all we do not take any medicine, aspirin included – none! During an infectious disease with fever we handle it as follows:

  • stay in bed to sweat out,
  • do not eat, nor drink if we lack appetite,
  • drink water frequently in order not to dehydrate, but in small amounts (in spoons),
  • wait until desire for life comes back.

If we note this, we will realize that after recovering from illness through above behavior, we feel alive again, i.e. we have derived nothing but good from this.

Author: Jozef Slonecki

Translation: Maciej Kalisz

Translator's note:
The translator has made every effort to make sure that the translation is in line with the original and clearly understandable. However, if you - native English reader, have noticed any mistakes in the translation, your language remarks are more than welcome and will be taken into consideration during further reviews.