The only cure for all the diseases is health

The difference between science and medicine is just like the one between explorers and researchers. Explorers perform studies in order to explore the laws of nature, whereas researchers struggle to find out how to trick these laws. Contradictory to the laws of nature, despite obvious existence of natural cause of things medicine do not look for the natural cause of disease but focus on finding the drug for it instead.

Hippocrates’ healthy Bioslone trend with its integral Non-medical Health Forum do not employ with medical perception of health – symptoms treatment i.e. giving e-recipes. Just the opposite, we convey the knowledge about something that any medicine doctor will not tell you, and it cannot be found in any medical textbook – about health. Our idea is achieving the health itself thanks to understanding the laws of nature, thus acquiring natural resistance against medical propaganda and commercials. It is equivalent to acquiring natural immunity against diseases through proper bed riding all infectious ones (as they are of the healthy nature) and also eliminating the cause of all illnesses described already before 2500 years by Hippocrates:

Diseases are the processes of discharging toxins from the organism. Symptoms are organism’s natural defense. We call them diseases, but the truth is that they heal diseases. Despite diseases manifest variously dependent on place where they habituate, all of them have the same cause.

This meticulously hidden from society for thousands years knowledge lets us obtain anticipated healthy effects not through medical actions, but through extrication from illnesses by healthy customs, such as: the cleansing mixture, the principles of healthy eating, the fiber cocktail, and the healthy diet when necessary.